Friday, February 20, 2009

well, i made brioche. i was kinda underwhelmed at the appearance. i've had bread rise so much better than these loaves. i'm not sure where the disconnect is, but it was a lot more compact of a loaf than what i was anticipating. i probably need to do more internets research on what brioche looks like.

however, once i cut into it, i was pretty impressed with this bread recipe. smooth, buttery, and infinitely rich tasting. it came out of the oven at 5, and was completely gone by 6:30 (halfway through dinner.) and even though it didn't really go with our meal of black beans and rice, we still gobbled it up as if it were the last loaf of bread on earth. instead of tossing the 3 remaining pounds (like i did with the really bad boule) i will be finishing out this batch. tomorrow i'm taking a lemon curd filled blueberry ring, made with the brioche dough to lori's for coffee and shortbread therapy. pics of that will come.

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