Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kroger Run

we had to do a last minute diaper run tonight, and i swung by our kroger. i had a dollar off coupon, as well as a 1.25 off e-saver coupon loaded to my plus card. pampers were on sale this week for 9.99 a jumbo pack, but after coupons it was 7.75. not as good as some of the deals i've seen floating around, but 2.25 off of something we have to buy all the time was a great deal in my mind.

while we were there, i checked out the clearance bins (which i've seen at several krogers lately.) and found a few hidden gems.

de cecco pasta, normally 3.99 a pound, on sale for .99 each.
vicks early defense hand sanitizer .99 each, free after 1.00 off any vicks products
walkers shortbread 1/2 price (not as good a price as i like, but walkers is so good i couldn't pass it up.)

a couple of weeks ago, there was a great set of books on clearance, and i found a really good cookbook by john pawson and annie bell for 3 bucks. there were some various knitting books, but none of them really caught my eye like this book did. anywho, inside there were some really great, simple recipes that don't require hours in the kitchen, or elaborate setups. just good quality food, that when purchased on sale, ends up being pretty cheap. more on all that later.

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