Wednesday, February 25, 2009

so, i took a few days off to deal with the brioche. and i think, at this point, i'm putting artisan bread in five aside for a while. my father in law did mention that we live in a "high altitude" area, but i'm so tired of messing with this book, (i know, i'm a quitter) that i'm gonna call it quits on it for right now. maybe in a couple of months, when we're settled in our own place, and not high altitude, i'll try again.

we are thinking, tenatively of attempting the sonoma diet. which isn't so much of a diet, but more of a concentrated effort to eat better. i've got some weight to lose, and i'm pretty sick of thinking i'll do better one day. so, within the next couple of days, you'll probably see me start posting pics and recipe ideas from this diet. i gotta do something.

i love food, and i love cooking, but i don't really love being overweight. and as much as i love to bake, there has to be a better way to marry these interests, and not blimp out.

also - there's a money maker deal at CVS with the Renuzit tri-scents. they're 5.49 with a 2$ ECB on it. there's a coupon for $4/1 from this sundays paper. meaning, you make .50 off of each of them. pretty sweet, since the limit is 5 per card.

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