Monday, February 16, 2009

well, i finally did it. after 2 years of blogging, i'm jumping into the worlds of savings and foodie blogs. although i'm no culinary genius, and i'm no dave ramsey, there are two things that i adore in this world... one is saving money, and the other is cooking. and not just cooking, but cooking good food. and challenging recipes.

i rarely make any recipe twice, although i have been known to do it on occasion. i hate to pay full price for anything.... you can ask my friends and family, i have a stockpile of things i got for free, and i will more than likely give you anything in my stockpile. because what's the fun of getting things for free if you can't use them all.

i'm inspired by the shoppers who can save 70-80% regularly on groceries. CVS is my wonder drug. clearance aisles get my heart racing. and strange exotic ingredients that i can't source locally? well, they're on a permanent wish list in my head.

i'm trying to honor the Lord with my finances, and still have fun doing it.

welcome to cooking in other people's kitchens. my name is catherine, and i'll be your chef, your guide, and most of all, your companion in the journey of saving money, and making it work.

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