Tuesday, May 19, 2009

week 2 challenge - christopsomos bread

week 2 began on sunday, and i was anxious to get the new loaf made. i've been lucky enough to locate the recipes online, so as of right now, i still don't own the book. very soon though. gotta pay the rent first!

the bread was a quick throw together, since i already had a starter bubbling away in the fridge. it fit the criteria, and i used it, and if it wasn't supposed to work, i don't think it would have. the bread made the house smell so good while baking, and the taste? fantastic. i sliced off a piece (or three) before it was cooled off, and shared with our toddler. who kept asking for more bread.

the bread in a nutshell? soft, moist inside, crispy crust (the bread was done about 10 minutes before the recipe's stated time, and i didn't get it out quite in time),spicy and studded with golden raisins, and craisins. sweet and tart, and now i'm regretting making it into 2 loaves and giving one to the neighbors. oh well! i can always make it again, and i probably will.

when i rolled it into the loaf shape, the rolled dough was a little long for the loaf pan... once i folded the ends under, and let it rise again, it became somewhat misshapen. but it was so good, who cares.

more info on the challenge can be found at pinchmysalt.com... while the google group is closed, you can still join in, via facebook and twitter. look up bba challenge, or #bba to find us.


  1. Your bread looks great.
    I didn't know at the time we could use our starters for the bread. I just got my book yesterday. Hope you are able to get one soon.
    I'll be following your blog. :)

  2. This bread is yummy!! I have made it twice and brought some with me to my catering gig to make bread pudding! Now on to Bagels! Happy Baking!

  3. So there is right! It looks great...and tasted wonderful, too, right? I loved making this.