Friday, March 13, 2009

no cooking today, but i did lug out my cooking magazines (since most of my cookbooks are in storage) to start creating a set of menus. for right now, until we move, i'm not going to try to do any hardcore dieting, for reasons that are unimportant. however... i will be eating very diet friendly, healthy meals. but the sonoma thing has to wait a little while.

the best resource i've found for healthy, tasty meals, has been tasteofhome's healthy cooking magazine. all the nutritional info is in there, there's pictures for pretty much every dish, and while the recipes are fun, none are impossible to source ingredients for. something important when living in the mountains of north georgia.

so tonight, i wrote down every dish that interested me, and then made lists of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks and dessert items. tomorrow, while waiting for the hubs at the dentist, i'll start creating menus. pairing items according to taste, and calorie count. so tomorrow, i should have some linkage for the upcoming week's menu, starting with sunday. i might try to do this more often, as i enjoy using the computer as a brainstorming device. for some reason, it makes more sense when i see it on screen.

also! in this sunday's paper there were coupons for garnier fructis shampoo/styling aids. if you watched walgreen's ad, garnier shampoo, conditioner and styling products are all 99 cents. anyone want some free shampoo? because walgreens wants to give it to you.

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